Admissions Process


Step 1:

  • Choose which type of learner you wish to be: 
    1. Regular Student I am interested in pursuing a degree or graduate certificate, and therefore I am interested in taking courses for credit. A regular student must have a BA or expect to receive a BA in the immediate future. 
    2. Auditor: I am interested in participating in live classes, but not in pursuing a degree or certificate, and therefore I am not interested in receiving credit or a grade for any course. I understand that I will receive a certificate of attendance if I attend all classes, but will not be counted as a student. Should I miss 3 classes, I will be subject to automatic disenrollment.

Note: Regular Students and Auditors must attend in-person weekend intensives in Dallas, Texas.

Rolling admissions: completed applications are processed as we receive them. Applicants are encouraged to apply early. (Expect about 3-4 weeks to hear back). After the first form of the application is complete, you should receive an email confirming your submission and allowing you to continue your application.


Step 2:

  • Regular Student: $1,500 for a 3-hour course ($500 a credit hour)
  • Auditor: $350 per course
  • TISA On Demand: $150 per course

Tuition is due before classes begin unless an installment plan is agreed upon.

Financial Aid

Step 3:

  • TISA has a policy to never turn down a regular student for financial reasons. If you feel you need financial aid, please answer the question at the end of the application indicating that you desire financial aid.
  • A separate financial aid application will be sent to you. Expect a response to a completed financial aid application within 3 weeks. 


  • Both Auditors and TISA On Demand customers are not eligible for financial aid.
Course Registration

Step 4:

  • After receiving an acceptance letter, learners register for classes through the Current Students tab on our website.
  • Course schedules are available on our website here.