Congratulations! Class of 2023

Omar M. Al-Ani resides in Memphis, TN where he is the youth director at Masjid al-Rahman and an Islamic Studies teacher at Pleasant View Islamic School. He joined the very first classes at TISA and maintained a 3.74 GPA while pursuing a Masters in Islamic Studies while continuing to work full-time. TISA is proud of this new alumnus. We wish him well and look forward to him using what he learned to better the world through ethical leadership and religious knowledge.

Being a student at TISA has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I am forever grateful to the faculty, staff, and my classmates for the invaluable lessons, wisdom, and experiences that I have gained through my time there. The guidance and support of my professors has not only helped me deepen my knowledge and understanding of Islam but has also enabled me to develop a strong sense of purpose, values, and ethics that will guide me throughout my life.” – Omar 

Fatima Razvi began taking classes at TISA during its second semester, in the spring of 2020. She is a native of Houston, Texas where she works as a web developer. Fatima will be graduating with an MA in Islamic Studies with a concentration in Islamic Sciences. Upon graduation from TISA, she will be pursuing further graduate training in Islamic Studies at the University of Texas in Austin. She hopes, insha’Allah, to embody what it means to be a ‘Believing Academic’ wherever she goes. We wish her well in her future endeavors!

“The nuance and precision I have found at TISA is unsurpassed. Through readings, discussions, and healthy debate, my professors and classmates have given me a solid foundation with which to approach contemporary issues in the American Muslim community and in the wider global community.” – Fatima

Anwar Arafat has served as an Imam for 11 Years in Salt Lake City, Memphis, and Nashville. He is currently serving as a religious and social director for the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis which runs multiple mosques across Memphis. He is also an Outreach Specialist for iERA USA. We are proud of his achievements and wish him well in his future endeavors!
“I’m indebted to the wonderful staff and instructors at TISA, and in particular Shaykh Yasir for his support, knowledge, and advice, and Dr. Jones for his unwavering patience and wise counsel. I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my fellow students; the camaraderie and brotherhood made the experience multitudes better than it otherwise would have been. I couldn’t think of a better group of people to go through this experience than them. It’s an honor and privilege to have the support of our local communities, and they’ve entrusted me with leading the masjid and serving the great city of Memphis. Teaching at our Islamic school has been extremely rewarding, and I hope to continue to serve the American Muslim community even more in whatever capacity needed, In-sha’ Allah.” – Anwar