As we stand on the threshold of this blessed month, we pray we heed the opportunity bestowed upon us by our Creator. For those fortunate enough to embark on the sacred pilgrimage of Hajj, may Allah accept your journey as one of the fundamental pillars of Islam—and may you carry on the spirit of this meritorious act by increasing in your charity and good deeds. For those of us remaining behind, we urge you to also take advantage of the increased reward in this special time and support TISA.

When you support our community of believing academics, you are joining a community that steadfastly encourages the remembrance of Allah all year round, while inspiring their families and wider communities to do the same. Empowering these leaders allows you to share in the reward of their far-reaching impact.

This Dhul Hijjah, Let's invest in Prophetic

What We Do

At TISA, we train Muslim-American leaders to be exceptional in serving our communities, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to tackle the extraordinary challenges of our time. 

Why We Do It

Because our communities need ethical, effective leaders who understand the unique challenges of living in the West, and can provide the guidance and strength to help us thrive.

Why Give?

Because you recognize the importance of strong leadership in building strong families and want to ensure that your values help shape the future of your community.


Exceptional Leaders for Extraordinary Times

The Islamic Seminary of America (TISA) is a graduate-level institution devoted to preparing exceptional Muslim American leaders with the tools, education & training necessary to overcome the extraordinary challenges facing our communities today. 


Special Ways to Give

As a pioneering institution, The Islamic Seminary of America not only embraces the timeless wisdom of Islamic tradition but also elevates the standards of higher education in the Islamic sphere. Below, we explore 10 distinctive ways in which TISA is redefining the landscape of Islamic education, setting new benchmarks, and raising the bar for academic excellence, leadership development and spiritual growth. 

The Master’s degree in Islamic Studies prepares students to become teachers in Islamic or public schools, chaplains in prisons, and serves as a stepping stone for those pursuing a Master of Divinity to become an imam, scholar-in-residence, or chaplain.

By sponsoring a full scholarship, you gain the continuous reward for every individual this student impacts for the course of their lives. This is TRUE Sadaqa Jaariya (Continuous charity).

TISA Short Courses are digital courses open to students and the general public and are designed to offer insights and strategies to navigate specific community-wide issues. These programs are designed to be transformative on a community-wide level.

When you sponsor a TISA short course, you spread the impact across the entire community and gain the continuous reward for every individual this program impacts in the years to come. 

Our Youth Mental Health First Aid Workshops help community members learn to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental health and substance use issues in youth, ages 12-18.



Mental health challenges and substance use issues are amongst the most challenging struggles we face in our communities today. Your sponsorship helps educate, train and heal communities.

Empower current leaders on-the-ground through our Visionary Leadership Workshop that enhances leadership skills, offers mentorship, and provides community development grants for special projects!

When you sponsor Our Visionary Leadership Workshops, your help make an immediate impact in your community by resourcing leaders who making a difference right now. 

When you expand our Student Library, you help preserve and perpetuate Islamic knowledge, cultural heritage and support life-long learning objectives for our future Muslim leaders. Your gift is a source of Sadaqa Jaariya!

By gifting books to TISA’s on-site library, you help ensure that every student has access to the materials they need to grow and develop in their roles as community leaders.

TISA’s “U.S. Sacred Neighbors” is a interfaith project that promotes tolerance, empathy, and peaceful dialogue between Muslims, Christians, Jews and all knowledge-seekers, helping to build a more peaceful society.

Make a BIG difference with a recurring gift! TISA’s “U.S. Sacred Neighbors” is an ongoing project that you can support through a monthly gift of $500. Be a part of it.


The Right Leaders

Just as Allah sent messengers from within every community, we believe leaders should emerge from the communities they serve. 

As such, we strive to prioritize diversity in our student recruitment, nurturing qualified leaders who genuinely represent their communities. This ensures that our student body mirrors our society’s rich diversity, fostering empathetic leaders who grasp their communities’ unique challenges, which is vital to addressing suffering and oppression at home and abroad.

To that end, we provide extensive scholarship opportunities through our community partners for marginalized groups such as Muslim women, converts/reverts, individuals impacted by the prison system, zakat-eligible students, and many more. 

Build Your Legacy

It all starts with leadership. When you invest in better equipped, better educated leaders, you facilitate expansive change for Muslim communities across the country. One leader has the ability to impact hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals in the course of their career. 

Investing in leadership development is a unique opportunity to establish a Sadaqa Jaariya (continuous charity) that will, not only benefit your community, but continue to benefit your soul in the hereafter.