Master of Divinity
In Interreligious Chaplaincy (Islamic Focus)

This fully accredited MDiv degree will be composed of United’s Interreligious Chaplaincy courses along with other general courses offered through United, and core courses in Islamic theology and religious texts taken through TISA with a faculty led by Dean Yasir Qadhi, Ph.D.

Both TISA and our collaborating seminary (United) understand that the work of chaplaincy involves an in-depth understanding of a range of religious traditions. That’s why chaplains must have an MDiv and be ordained or officially recognized within a specific tradition in order to become certified chaplains. United has a long history of preparing MDiv graduates to work as chaplains across faith traditions and in a variety of settings. This partnership allows TISA’s students who want to do interreligious chaplaincy with a focus on Islam to do so through an accredited MDiv program. 

Which school will be listed on my degree? United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (United) and The Islamic Seminary of America (TISA) are proud to announce their partnership in developing a graduate degree from United in Interreligious Chaplaincy with a focus on Islam.The MDiv is issued by United. Graduates are invited to participate in United commencement and will be considered United alums.

About our Partner

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (United) is an ecumenical graduate school with roots in the United Church of Christ that embraces all denominations and faith traditions and has been on the cutting edge of theological thought leadership since it was established in 1962. United is an ATS and HLC-accredited graduate school that offers several (MA, MAL, MDiv, and DMin) degree options, all with distance learning options.

Reflecting the growing need for interreligious chaplains, this degree offers Muslim chaplaincy candidates an MDiv grounded in Islamic theology and religious texts while also bringing them into dialogue with students from other religious traditions including Christianity, Baháʼi, and Buddhism. United’s President, Lewis P. Zeidner, Ph.D., says of this partnership,

“In today’s world, chaplains and other faith leaders have taken an increased role in providing leadership and an ethical compass for the broader community. Ensuring that training programs adequately prepare chaplains to more deeply understand those in their community who come from different faith traditions is an innovative and essential component of the role of seminary education.

United is honored to do this work in partnership with TISA.”


The Master’s degree in Interreligious Chaplaincy with an Islamic Focus provides the background for a student to serve as a chaplain in county or state prisons, the military, universities and healthcare facilities.

Arabic and Qur’anic Proficiency

Arabic and Quran Recitation Proficiency: UTS/TISA MDiv candidates are required to attain a passing grade on Fawakih’s assessment at Level 4 in order to graduate. In addition, they must demonstrate Advanced Qur’an Memorization and Tajwid (students must memorize at least 3 ajza’ with Tajwid). The assessment can be found here.

Required Courses

(16 Courses - 24 credits)

Religious Texts
(4 courses)

  • RT1101 Hebrew Bible 1: Orientation OR RT2101 Hebrew Bible 2: Contextualized Interpretation* (Select one)
  • RT1201 New Testament 1: Epistles, Acts, and Revelation OR RT2201 New Testament 2: Four Gospels (Select one)
  • TISA-601: Advanced Qur’anic Sciences and Tafsir
  • TISA-602: Advanced Hadith Sciences and Hadith Commentary

Theological Tradition
(4 courses)

  • TISA-615: Advanced Sirah
  • TISA-620: Evolution of Islamic Law and Usul al-Fiqh
  • TISA-631: Advanced Akhlaq and Spirituality
  • TISA-642: Islam in America

Ethics & Justice
(2 courses)

  • EJ1002 Comparative Religious Ethics
  • ST1002 Theology for Social Transformation

(2 courses)

  • FL1001 Intro to Spiritual and Personal Formation
  • FL2001 Organizational Leadership and Administration

Cultural Contextualization
(1 course)

  • CC1002 World Religions

Art & Theology
(Select One)

  • AT1001 History of Arts and Theology OR AT1002 Art, Religion, and Contemporary Culture
  • AT1002: Art, Religion, and Contemporary Culture

Social Transformation
(1 course)

  • ST1001 Leadership and Strategies for Social Change

(1 course)

  • MS3000 Capstone Seminar (Co-taught by United & TISA faculty)

Vocational Contextualization & Skills

(7 Required Courses & 1 Elective)

Required Courses

(7 courses)
  • PM1001 Intro to Pastoral and Spiritual Care
  • PM2003 Preaching and Your Public Voice
  • IC3001 Interreligious Spiritual Care (Masters)
  • IC2002 Intercultural Chaplaincy
  • IC4001 Trauma, Suffering and Care
  • FE3003 Ministry Practicum (Islamic focus)
  • FE3002 CPE Ministry Practicum (Islamic focus)

TISA courses are taught by TISA faculty.

The elective credit will be offered by UTS.