Dr. Mona Islam Joins TISA Visiting Faculty

Dean Dr. Yasir Qadhi recently announced that Dr. Mona Islam has been appointed to teach TISA – 866 “Effective Youth Work” in the Fall of 2023. Also, the Board of Directors of the Islamic Seminary Foundation/TISA recently appointed her to TISA’s Compliance / Accreditation committee. 

Dr. Islam is an educator, published author, a youth worker and community builder who holds a Doctorate in Curriculum and Institution. She is a transformational curriculum developer with extensive knowledge of the classical Islamic disciplines. She has studied under numerous scholars in various subjects of Islamic Sciences. She has written curriculum, engaged in youthwork, and facilitated community education through administering and teaching both academic and Islamic classes. She has organized various community programs and events and partaken in various humanitarian aid efforts.

“I have a background and appreciation to explore both traditional and contemporary topics in
Islam and deep appreciation for classical Islamic texts which I can credit to my days of
translating Islamic texts under Dr. Yusuf Zia Kavaci. My years of experience in his class as well
as many similar experiences over my lifetime helped me to understand the nuances and
delicacies involved in communicating previously compiled texts into new cultures, languages,
and times. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to facilitate content and programming which will meet the evolving needs of our Ummah in this fast-paced world.” – Dr. Islam