As Muslims we have a responsibility to showcase our inherent ability to care for one another. In times of uncertainty, there’s a fundamental truth that gives us hope – that together, we can do extraordinary things and make extraordinary changes. TISA is dedicated to training and educating a generation of exceptional leaders to guide our communities ahead.

Let your giving elevate our community to new heights! We can make a difference together!

Help Foster Faith and Leadership!

What We Do

At TISA, we train Muslim-American leaders to be exceptional in serving our communities, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to tackle the extraordinary challenges of our time. 

Why We Do It

Because our communities need ethical, effective leaders who understand the unique challenges of living in the West, and can provide the guidance and strength to help us thrive.

Why Give?

Because you recognize the importance of strong leadership in building strong families and want to ensure that your values help shape the future of your community.


Exceptional Leaders for Extraordinary Times

The Islamic Seminary of America (TISA) is a graduate-level institution devoted to preparing exceptional Muslim American leaders with the tools, education & training necessary to overcome the extraordinary challenges facing our communities today. 


10 Ways TISA Raises the Bar in Islamic Higher Education

As a pioneering institution, The Islamic Seminary of America not only embraces the timeless wisdom of Islamic tradition but also elevates the standards of higher education in the Islamic sphere. Below, we explore 10 distinctive ways in which TISA is redefining the landscape of Islamic education, setting new benchmarks, and raising the bar for academic excellence, leadership development and spiritual growth. 

TISA’s top 3 administrators have a combined total of over 80 years of domestic and international educational leadership experience. This gives TISA a unique edge in leadership development and institution building – from administration and education, to spiritual development and practical application.

Sh. Dr. Yasir Qadhi (our esteemed Dean), Dr. Jimmy Jones (our respected VP) and Sr. Aliya Nehal (our valued Director of Operations) come together to lead TISA towards unprecedented success in serving the needs of our community.

The presence of 40% women faculty in team-taught classes at TISA fosters a learning environment that is not only academically enriching but also reflects the diverse and dynamic nature of our thriving community.

The expertise and experience of our faculty members, such as Sh. Dr. Tamara Gray, Dr. Rania Awaad, Dr. Julie Lowe, and Attorney Roula Allouch helps shape a balanced and holistic understanding of the transformative subjects being taught, as well as serving as exemplary examples of female scholarship and leadership for our students.

Our world-renowned visiting faculty consistently score student ratings of 80% or higher in every single course! 

With 52 courses taught to-date, our faculty break the norms of standard professor-led lectures and creates a dynamic and engaging class of discussions, coursework, and research that challenge our graduate-level students to think critically and deeply to address the extraordinary challenges faced by their communities today. 

TISA’s rigorous 10-course core curriculum has been curated by academic scholars with Western doctorates & traditional Islamic training.

A compilation of sacred texts, scholarly works, critical analyses, and research that dives deep into topics of theology, history, jurisprudence, spirituality, institutional leadership and more—our curriculum cultivates a deep understanding of Islamic principles while nurturing critical thinking about modern challenges.

Our master’s graduates are required to memorize at least one Juz of the Quran with Tajweed. 

The ultimate guidance is Allah’s guidance, and TISA maintains that effective leaders must develop and maintain an active relationship with Quran to properly lead their communities. Our aim is to ensure that the Quranas a resource for insight, guidance, and problem solvingshould become second-nature to TISA leaders as they begin to serve their communities.

TISA’s degree-seeking student enrollment has more than DOUBLED since our establishment in August 2019! 

This is a testament to our academically rigorous and spiritually rewarding graduate program and the incredibly positive experience of our students overall.  A resounding doubling of students solidifies TISA’s academic reputation and displays our accomplished students’ recognition of the value TISA provides in their educational and professional goals. 

Qualified students can apply for financial aid year-round to eliminate financial barriers to higher education. 

At TISA we believe in the importance of equal access regardless of a student’s financial status and are deeply committed to ensuring that financial limitations do not hinder the pursuit of higher education. 

Our goal is to empower aspiring leaders to access a high-quality education without undue financial burden, enabling them to focus on academic and personal growth. 

Our establishment of 10 tuition-free scholarships in collaboration with our community partners helps build Muslim organizations while credentialing individual leaders.

These scholarships support individual leaders in their educational pursuits and also to assist with the growth and development of organizations that are actively serving the Muslim American community. By training and educating active leaders, we help strengthen the leadership on the ground.

TISA’s annually published “Journal of Islamic Faith and Practice” is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary academic journal that fosters dialogue between academics, researchers, community leaders, chaplains, and students regarding the Islamic faith and how it is practiced in America. 

This journal commits itself to promoting academic and professional research about recent developments in Muslim American communities. In doing so, the Journal aims to provide a platform for scholars, students, and researchers to exchange their latest findings from varied disciplines.

TISA’s student body consists of highly accomplished individuals who bring with them varied academic experiences, degrees, professions, and knowledge. 

More than 40% of entering students are pioneers in their fields, already holding a master’s degree or higher. The significant presence of such accomplished individuals within our student population elevates the academic discourse and represents a unique opportunity for networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among like-minded peers. They challenge each other, inspire each other, and enrich the caliber of our academic community.  


The Right Leaders

Just as Allah sent messengers from within every community, we believe leaders should emerge from the communities they serve. 

As such, we strive to prioritize diversity in our student recruitment, nurturing qualified leaders who genuinely represent their communities. This ensures that our student body mirrors our society’s rich diversity, fostering empathetic leaders who grasp their communities’ unique challenges, which is vital to addressing suffering and oppression at home and abroad.

To that end, we provide extensive scholarship opportunities through our community partners for marginalized groups such as Muslim women, converts/reverts, individuals impacted by the prison system, zakat-eligible students, and many more. 


Build Your Legacy

It all starts with leadership. When you invest in better equipped, better educated leaders, you facilitate expansive change for Muslim communities across the country. One leader has the ability to impact hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals in the course of their career. 

Investing in leadership development is a unique opportunity to establish a Sadaqa Jaariya (continuous charity) that will, not only benefit your community, but continue to benefit your soul in the hereafter.