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Our mission is to cultivate generations of world class doers and thinkers who lead from an Islamic paradigm while engaging contemporary challenges and opportunities. Our vision is a world constantly bettered by religious scholarship and ethical leadership.

When you support TISA, you support the development of stronger, more ethical and effective American Muslim leaders in North Texas and beyond; Leaders who represent the diversity of voices and experiences in the American Muslim community; Leaders who bridge the gap between the traditions of our faith and the contemporary challenges we face everyday.

Your contribution goes on to transform our leadership, our communities, and our families for generations to come.

What Makes TISA Different?

We are doing what no institution has done before. We are not compromising our faith and identity as believers to meet contemporary challenges. Instead, we are grounding our students in the foundations of our faith, while training them to handle modern-day problems so that we can build stronger, more resilient, more faith-driven communities across America and beyond!

TISA Student Testimonials

"The Islamic Seminary of America is an institution that I could only dream of as a younger student. I was drawn in by their exceptional faculty, their valuing of female scholarship, and the diversity of lived experiences reflected in their student body. I am continuously blown away by TISA's dedication to making their pedagogy rooted in the Islamic tradition and relevant to contemporary issues that impact each of our lives here."
Halah Zumrawi
TISA Student
"Dawah has always been a passion of mine since a young age. Being born in the US, it was a culture shock when my family moved to Gaza when I was only 8 years old. My mother, a white convert who grew up on a dairy farm in Utah, endured Gaza with us and was the one to push us in memorizing the Quran and practicing tajweed. As things began to deteriorate in Gaza, our family returned to the states where I finished high school and college. After doing dawah in the US & abroad, I am now settled in Tennessee, serving as an imam of an Islamic Center. I believe my education at TISA will help me become that much better at it, insha'-Allah."
Imam Anwar Arafat
TISA Student
"Dr. Rania (in the CEEOL "Coping with Covid" Workshop) was extremely informative, and brought to light a lot of information on a subject that is very hard to speak about. She taught me about an incident of suicide during the time of the Prophet (s) that I had never heard before. A lot of people had a lot to say and ask her, because there aren't very many opportunities to speak to someone knowledgeable about the subject. I also learned a little bit more about how to speak during a sensitive time after an incident. I never realized that sounding too hopeful for mercy upon the victim of suicide may encourage others to follow suit."
Yusuf Khan
Co-Founder - Guided Path, Visionary Leadership Awardee

What is TISA?

The Islamic Seminary of America aspires to be a lighthouse of knowledge and faith devoted to equipping American-based leaders and serving as an authoritative voice for a balanced Islam. We are committed to raise the general level of Islamic understanding within the American Muslim community and throughout American society.

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