Unlock the power of your investments for a meaningful cause by donating stocks to The Islamic Seminary of America. Your contribution not only supports our mission of fostering Islamic knowledge and education but also brings you significant financial benefits. Donating appreciated stocks allows you to maximize the impact of your gift while potentially enjoying tax advantages. 

By contributing stocks that have appreciated in value, you can avoid capital gains taxes and receive a charitable deduction for the full market value of the stock. This strategic approach to giving enables you to make a substantial contribution to our institution while optimizing your financial portfolio. 

Join us in building a stronger foundation for Islamic education, and experience the dual rewards of philanthropy and financial prudence through stock donations.

Steps for Stock or Mutual Fund Donations:

STEP ONE: Please inform TISA’s Development department by contacting us via email, phone call, or text message and letting us know about the intended donation.

  • Email:
  • Office Phone: (214) 484-1309
  • Text Message: (972) 849-7182

STEP TWO: Please authorize your current broker to transfer stock and provide them with the following information:

  • Name of the stock to be donated
  • Number of shares to be donated
  • Recipient’s/Non-Profit’s account name: Islamic Seminary Foundation 
  • Recipient’s/Non-Profit’s account number: PLR004919
  • Recipient’s/Non-Profit’s tax ID: 45-3207248
  • Pershing DTC number: 0443
STEP THREE: Should you have any questions, please contact Saturna Brokerage at 800-768-8762, Ext. 1103 for Rochelle -OR- Ext. 1107 for Dave Granger.