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President of The Islamic Seminary of America (TISA)

PAY RANGE: Depends on Experience
LOCATION: 811 S. Central Expy, Suite 350, Richardson, TX 75080

The Islamic Seminary of America (TISA) is a rapidly growing institution dedicated to educating and
nurturing those who aspire to be community volunteers, scholars, imams, chaplains, youth leaders and non-profit managers.

As an independent graduate institution for Islamic leadership education, TISA aims to prepare the next
generation of Islamic pacesetters in North America.

TISA’s student body, faculty, staff, and Board of Directors are intentionally diverse in recognition of the
founding ethos of the community surrounding Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the current multicultural
mosaic that is Islam in North America.

Given the above, TISA seeks a bold and inspirational leader who is prepared to:

  • Provide imagination and inspiration in developing educational programs consistent with the
    emerging needs of the dynamic and diverse Muslim-American community and the broader North
    American population.
  • Engage in innovative resourcing for funding and philanthropy through personal contacts and the
    current digital environment, ensuring continued sustainability and growth.
  • Strengthen our faculty and administration with compassionate leadership, prophetic values, and
    audacious foresight.
  • Be a compelling public intellectual who embodies and articulates the mission, messages, and
    values of TISA, while serving as the principal voice for the Seminary in the public arena.

Our Vision: Our vision is a world constantly bettered by religious scholarship and ethical leadership.

Our Mission: Our mission is to cultivate generations of world-class doers and thinkers who lead from an
Islamic paradigm while engaging contemporary challenges and opportunities.

How We Are Unique: Unlike many other Islamic seminaries, TISA has been developed, governed, and
managed by a group of people who:

  • Take the idea of “text and context” seriously, by emphasizing that one must have a sophisticated,
    deep, and nuanced working knowledge of our sacred texts coupled with the ability to understand
    and operate effectively in various local contexts while applying necessary “people skills”.
  • Believe that a verified level of Arabic and Qur’anic proficiency must be required for our upcoming religious leadership as a key to maintaining our deep spiritual roots in this country.
  • Are more reflective of the broad cultural and religious diversity of the men and women who make
    up the Muslim-American community.
  • Represent decades of experience in developing, governing, and running inclusive Islamic centers and other non-profit institutions with an emphasis on professional development and clinical skill acquisition as needed.
  • Have decades of experience in higher education as faculty and administration with a focus on quality, accessibility, and curriculum development.

Programs Offered: TISA offers two-degree programs – MA in Islamic Studies and an MDiv degree. In addition, TISA provides focused non-degree educational programs such as its Youth Mental Health First Aid training initiative, through its Center for Ethical and Effective Organizational Leadership (CEEOL).

Aspirations for the future include: applying for accreditation; establishing a robust endowment, and pairing with seminaries from other faith traditions in combating religious illiteracy in North America.


  • The President will exemplify good Islamic character and have passion around TISA commitments acting as a vibrant public intellectual and the face of TISA. The President will embody and articulate the mission and messages of TISA. The President will be a great storyteller, communicator, and spokesperson.
  • The President will have proven successful in institution-building within a relevant organizational context with the requisite financial expertise and a proven record of resource development that can help TISA achieve sustainability and growth. The President will deploy diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within an Islamic framework.
  • The President will engage and guide the students, faculty, staff, board, and community towards a vision, goals, and priorities that reflect and enhance the unique potential of North America in general and the Muslim-American community in particular. The President will be a generous listener, relationship builder, and effective communicator who empowers high performance and collaboration.
  • The President will create space for the development and implementation of new and viable models for Islamic leadership education. By leveraging TISA’s assets and passion, collaborative partnerships, new ideas, and strategic risk-taking, the President will be a catalyst for creating a new and viable Islamic leadership education that will ensure TISA’s strength, vibrancy, and impact for coming generations.
  • The President will regularly report to the Board on the activities he/she engages in to achieve the above.


  • The President will be Islamically-focused while being culturally competent about the world, religious landscapes, theological education, and higher education.
  • The President will have a strong, relevant track record, and demonstrable passion for TISA, its uniqueness, and its potential.
  • – Courage, high self-awareness, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and humility.

    – A compelling, approachable personality and listening skills that engender trust, openness, and

    – The ability to hold the organization and its stakeholders accountable.

    – Willingness to be hands-on when appropriate.

    – A high level of energy and a can-do, resilient approach.


The President reports to The Islamic Seminary of America Board of Directors and leads the faculty and
staff (currently less than 10 people).


TISA is conveniently located in Serene Plaza in Richardson, Texas, with easy access to various parts of
the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex. The address is: 811 S. Expressway Suite 350, 3rd Floor,
Richardson, TX, 75080. DFW has a large and vibrant Muslim community with scores of Islamic centers,
schools and other non-profit organizations.

Minimum Educational Qualifications:

  • A Master’s Degree, with a doctorate preferred. A degree in Islamic Studies, Chaplaincy,
    Comparative Religion, Ministry, or a related field would be a plus. Candidates with an MBA or
    JD are also eligible to apply.

To apply or suggest a prospective candidate, email Applications must include a cover letter, resume and salary requirements.

To apply or suggest a prospective candidate, email Applications must include a cover letter, resume and salary requirements.