Empowering Prophetic Leadership

As our community continues to face new challenges, we must work harder to develop the next generation of leaders who have the knowledge, skills and training to help our community thrive. We are inviting you to be a part of this mission.  GIVE TODAY!

The Islamic Seminary of America is cultivating a generation of world class doers and thinkers who lead from an Islamic paradigm while engaging contemporary challenges and opportunities.  By educating future leaders about the tradition of Prophetic Leadership, we are giving them a stronger foundation in more ethical and effective community building, organizational management, and meeting the spiritual and social needs of the communities they serve. By equipping these leaders with contemporary training, we are ensuring they are skilled and resourced in the latest techniques, tools, and approaches to tackle the changing face of our communities for generations to come. 

TISA students are educated, not only in Quranic studies, Prophetic Traditions, History and Issues of Fiqh and the various Islamic sciences, but also in the most effective approaches in cross-cultural counseling, mental healthcare, interfaith work, organizational and institutional management, leadership, and much more. 

TISA Students are Leading the Way

Support our mission to empower prophetic leadership for our families, our communities, and our world. With your help we can transform the future. Contribute today!


Transform the Future

Help TISA Empower Prophetic Leadership!

Diversity in Leadership

TISA’s graduate level degrees and programs maintain a special focus on developing Muslim American leaders from historically under-represented populations such as women, reverts, and BIPOC, ensuring that every segment of the Muslim community is able to flourish and thrive. Please help us nurture students, who, using an Islamic paradigm, are prepared to make the world a better place for all people!

Eliminating Financial Barriers

We strive to NEVER turn a qualified student away due to financial difficulties. Your zakat helps support these needy students in their journeys to becoming ethical and effective leaders. 

Additionally, non-zakat funds are used to support the sustaining, growth, development, and improvement of our programs and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate generations of world class doers and thinkers who lead from an Islamic paradigm while engaging contemporary challenges and opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world constantly bettered by religious scholarship and ethical leadership. Our mission will help us realize this vision with your prayers and support, insha’Allah. 


Every community needs strong leadership to ensure families and individuals feel safe, welcomed, and have access to the tools and resources they need to thrive. TISA is cultivating those leaders from within. 

What is Prophetic Leadership?

Prophetic Leadership is modeled by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw). Through his example, we learn about the best approach and practices to becoming a stronger, more effective, more ethical leader. Flip the cards below to learn more about his incredible leadership and the qualities that TISA is working to imbue in our students to give them a firm foundation in the faith and to better prepare them to be the dynamic leaders our communities need. 


Leaders who are honest and adhere to strong moral and ethical principles, guided by our faith.


Leaders who have an aspirational idea of an organization's or community's longterm future goals.


Leaders who have the mental or moral strength to withstand fear and tragedy and can still persevere.


Leaders who have the knowledge and training necessary to fulfill their roles successfully and efficiently.


Leaders who have deep care and concern for others, expressing it with warmth, gentleness and appreciation.


Leaders who have an ability to prepare for, adapt, and recover from stress or challenges.

Holistic Justice

Leaders who promote comprehensive rights for the common good.

Practical Wisdom

Leaders who know how to do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way.

Spiritual Intelligence

Leaders who have an intellectual conceptualization of self and others that is grounded in the Deen.

Pragmatic Decisiveness

Leaders who use a decision-making approach that is sensible, contextual & timely.

Servant Leadership

Leaders who are defined by altruism, selflessness and a desire to serve.