Featured Faculty: Dr. Julie Lowe

Dr. Julie Lowe has ijaza in the 10 variant recitations of the Quran (ashara sughra and kubra) from Shaykh Uthman Khan, under whom she studied the Jazariyya, Shatibiyya, and other recognized classical tajweed texts. She has memorized the entire Quran in the recitations of Hafs and Shu’ba. Dr. Lowe has been teaching tajweed at the Islamic Institute of Toronto since 2012. Dr. Julie Lowe completed her PhD at the University of Toronto in the area of Islamic Law. Her previous studies include a Master of Laws (LLM) from the University of London (UK) as well as a law degree (JD) from Queen’s University. She has studied Arabic and the traditional Islamic sciences in Amman, Jordan, as well as locally.