ISF Founding Board Member Yale Chaplain Omer Bajwa Joins MEC

TISA Advisory Board Member | Director of Muslim Life, Yale University | Instagram: @ivymolvi

Founding board member of the Islamic Seminary Foundation and valued Advisory Board Member of TISA, Chaplain Omer Bajwa has recently joined the board of the Muslim Endorsement Council.

About Chaplain Omer Bajwa

He earned his Graduate Certificate in Islamic Chaplaincy from Hartford Seminary, and he has been engaged in religious service, social activism, and educational outreach since 2000. He received his MA in Near Eastern Studies, with a specialization in Islamic Studies, from Cornell University’s Department of Near Eastern Studies.  He also earned an MS in Communication from Cornell, and a BA in English Literature and Rhetoric from Binghamton University. His interests include Islam in the United States, inter-religious engagement, and Islam and the global media.
He regularly lectures about these topics and others at campuses, congregations, and in communities across the country. When not working, he and his family can often be found sampling local desserts.