TISA Board Chair Named ISNA on 2020-22 Leadership Team

ISNA Presents its new 2020-22 Leadership Team

ISNA’s new 2020-22 leadership team was inducted during the ISNA’s 57th — and first virtual — Annual Convention. Outgoing president Dr. Sayyid Muhammad Syeed said, “We, as members of ISNA, celebrate the fact that no other Islamic organization in the world and no Muslim country has had uninterrupted and regular elections for choosing their leadership for more than half a century as ISNA has. This is a proud legacy of ISNA that we will reinforce for the future.” Dr. Mohamad Rajabally served as the election committee chair. The new team is composed of Safa Zarzour (president), Magda Elkadi (vice president-USA) and Mohammed Jalalu.

Dr. Iqbal J. Unus has worked with MSA (president), ISNA (secretary general; member, ISNA al-Majlis Shura), ADAMS (vice president; trustee), AMSET (president), the Council of Muslim Organizations of Greater Washington (executive member) and as member or chair of several local and national committees. He is a trustee of Amana Mutual Funds Trust, directorat-large of the UN Association of National Capital Area and recipient of community service awards from CAIR National (2011) and ISNA (2012).

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