MAS Convention 2023 Houston, TX

The MASCONHTX took place from Dec. 22-24 attended by over 3000 registrants from Texas, Lousiana, Oklahoma, and surrounding states (and 37 speakers from across the nation). TISA Executive VP Dr. Jimmy Jones and Dean Dr. Yasir Qadhi both spoke in keynote sessions.   Dr. Jones addressed the audience on the topics of “Interfaith Relations at School and the Community” and “Mental Health 101: Blueprint for Well Being”. He also addressed the Education Track on the topic of “Why You Should Get Mental Health First Aid Certified”. Dr. Yasir Qadhi was dynamic in his mainstage presentation “Facing Islamophobia” as well as “Identity Crisis: Tawheed and Staying Attached to Islam, the Quran, and Sunnah.”

Also taking place at the MASCONHTX, the TISA VIP Meet and Greet was an overwhelming success with over 100/110 attendees. The inquisitive audience relayed numerous questions following the presentations made by Dr. Jimmy Jones, Dr. Yasir Qadhi, and Fatima Razvi and enjoyed complimentary refreshments. The TISA booth was also well attended where visitors got to meet TISA students and personnel and learn more about upcoming TISA programs.

The Houston MSA Summit, which was organized by the UHMSA Executive Committee, took place on Thursday, Dec. 21 at Houston Marriott Briarchase.  The MSA Summit was a unique specially designed leadership training program composed of a series of workshops designed to make MSA’s better. TISA Executive Director Dr. Jimmy Jones was invited as a guest speaker. Dr. Jones led a workshop on the topic of the Islamic Paradigm of Leadership for about 50 MSA students from all around Houston and met with key stakeholders in the MSA and community.  The MSA Summit program aligns with the objectives of the upcoming CEEOL Youth Leadership Training Conference scheduled for Nov. 2024 

Sr. Haleh Banani, who will also be teaching “Family Counseling” (with Dr. Jones and Dr. Qadhi) in the Summer of 2024 also joined the conference in several sessions including a mainstage panel with Dr. Jimmy Jones “Mental Health 101: Blueprint for Well Being” as well as with Dr. Mona Islam on “Self Esteem: The Silent Disability”. Sr. Haleh Banani and Dr. Mona Islam have also announced a collaborative youth program which they are launching entitled Mindful Hearts Academy Teen Edition.