Youth Mental Health
First Aid Training

Learn how to talk to young people
about mental health and substance abuse

Course fee:  $100

TISA has partnered with the Malik Human Services Institute (MHSI) to launch a nationally recognized capacity-building, evidence-based training to teach adults how to assist youth (12-18) who are experiencing mental health, addiction challenges or are in a crisis. The primary trainer for this effort is Dr. Jimmy Jones, Executive Vice President and Professor at TISA and President of MHSI. The goal is to provide chaplains, imams, youth leaders, and other key leadership with the skills needed to handle what has become a significant problem in our community. 

Youth Mental Health First Aid USA is managed, operated and disseminated by the National Council for Behavioral Health and the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Participants who take the entire workshop receive an informative resource manual and a renewable national certification.

Islamic Centers, non-profits or other organizations interested in funding and implementing a Youth Mental Health First Aid workshop in their area should email, call 203-376-7189, or enquire below.

YMHFA Testimonials

I thought it was very effective in creating awareness and knowledge on different mental health disorders, recognizing the signs, and how to address them correctly.

I learned a lot of new information, and what not to do.

I believe that this is very helpful and necessary, especially for people that work with youths.

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