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Build Your Legacy,
Better Our World

What We Do

At TISA, we train Muslim-American leaders to better serve our communities, equipping them to tackle modern-day problems by bridging the gap between classical theology and practical application. 

Why We Do It

Because our children, families, and communities need ethical, effective leaders who understand the unique challenges of living in the West, and can provide the guidance and strength to help us thrive.

Why Give?

Because you recognize the problem and want to be a part of the solution; You want to leave a legacy that continues to bring benefit long after you’re gone; You want to increase your reward with Allah.  


Training Muslim American Leaders to Better Serve Our Communities

The Islamic Seminary of America (TISA) is a graduate-level institution based in Dallas, Texas devoted to equipping current and aspiring leaders with the tools, education, and training necessary to meet the unique needs of Muslim-American communities. 
When you donate to TISA, your gift empowers Muslim-American leaders to strengthen our families, guide our communities, and better our world. Your donation funds student recruitment and scholarships, institutional growth and development, course offerings and workshops, leadership grants, and much more. This Ramadan, we invite you to build your legacy and join us in this important work!


Why This Mission Matters

Today, American Muslims face unprecedented challenges. Our traditional family structure is being attacked and families are being torn apart. Issues of identity and sexuality, racism and discrimination, and epidemics of substance abuse, addiction and mental illness ravage our communities and threaten the preservation of our faith.  TISA is developing a new kind of leader. Muslim American Imams, Chaplains, Educators, Organizational Leaders and Passionate Changemakers… individuals who are not only firmly grounded in the traditions of our faith, but properly trained to respond to real issues in our communities, right now. 


2x More Likely

Muslim Americans are 2x more likely to have attempted suicide than other faith groups.


37% of Muslims

37% of Muslim Americans personally know someone struggling with addiction.


18% of Women

At least 18% of Muslim American women experience domestic violence.


1 in 3

1 in 3 African American Muslims have experienced racism from other Muslims.


Fifty Leaders Strong

In June 2023, we are graduating our first class of dynamic Muslim American leaders who are passionate, motivated, and well-prepared to help their communities grow and thrive, bi’ithnillah. Within ten years, we aim to graduate a minimum of fifty students (5 per year) through our Islamic Studies and Chaplaincy Degrees who will be active changemakers in communities across North America. We know some community needs cannot wait, so TISA also works to facilitate immediate change by offering Graduate Certificates, workshops, classes, as well as our Visionary Leadership Awards for current leaders on-the-ground, who are ready to advance their skills and knowledge, and receive added support to make an immediate difference in the communities they serve. 


The Right Leaders

We believe our leaders should reflect the communities they serve, as such, we maintain an incredibly diverse faculty who are all active leaders in their communities and experts in their fields. To further promote diversity and representation in leadership, we also recruit students from various backgrounds, eliminating financial barriers to ensure that  anyone qualified and passionate about this work is not held back by unfair disadvantages.  To that end, we provide extensive scholarship opportunities through our community partners for marginalized groups such as Muslim women, converts/reverts, individuals impacted by the prison system, zakat-eligible students, and many more. 

Driven Students

77% of our students are pursuing a formal Masters degree, 8% are pursuing a Certification in Islamic Studies, and 15% are auditing courses for career or personal development. (2022 stats)

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Equal Opportunity

We maintain a uniquely diverse faculty who are active leaders in their communities and experts in their respective fields. 

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Community Partner Scholarships

Diverse Faculty

We maintain a uniquely diverse faculty who are active leaders in their communities and experts in their respective fields. 

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We believe we’ve found the right formula for identifying, training, and preparing leaders to best serve the Muslim American community. We invite you to begin building your legacy with TISA and becoming an integral part of important work!


Build Your Legacy

Donating to an educational institution is one of the most impactful ways to leave a personal legacy that will benefit countless individuals for years to come. By giving to TISA, you are investing in the future of Islamic education in the West and helping to shape the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and passionate changemakers. A gift to higher education not only serves as a form of sadaqa jaariya, it can also inspire others to follow in your footsteps, creating a ripple effect of positive change and expansive reward that will continue to make a difference long after you are gone. Build your legacy with TISA today!