Dean Yasir Qadhi to Teach Two New Spring 2021 courses

On Character & Spirituality

MAIS-631 Advanced Akhlaq and Spirtuality

A thorough exploration of the dimensions of Islamic character and spirituality. Learn about ‘ihḥsān’ and how it’s been understood by various authorities and strands across Islamic history. The course will have two running tracks: an academic track, and a spiritual one.
In the academic track, the students will study figures, authors, and concepts that have been instrumental in the field of Islamic spirituality, and be exposed to how their writings have been interpreted and, at times, strongly contested.
In the spiritual track, students will cover an entire classical manual of Islamic spirituality: the‘Ranks of the Divine Seekers’ of Ibn al-Qayyim.

On Islam & Evolution

MAIS-641 – Contemporary Issues in the Muslim Ummah

Joined by Dr. Khabirah Yahya, Dr. Qadhi will be discussing “Contemporary Issues in the Muslim Ummah.” In collaboration with Al Balagh Academy, Fatima Elizabeth Institute of Islam,Science and Philosophy (FEIISP), Islamic and Strategic Studies Institute(ISS), and Asia e University (AeU), the course is designed to address the concern of Islam’s relationship to evolution including the scientific, historical, theological, and hermeneutical discussion. The topics of this course will be explored and delivered by leading authorities in their field of expertise.
Topics covered include the science of evolution, the history of evolution, Christian response to evolution, metaphysical issues with evolution, Ash’arism and evolution, Maturidism and evolution, Atharism and evolution, Quran and evolution, Hadith and evolution, and Muslim perspectives on evolution.
This course not only focuses on the scholarship of leaders such as imams, chaplains, youth leaders, and Islamic studies teachers who service the American Muslim community, but it also focuses on providing them with the tools necessary to teach the concept of Islam and evolution effectively through quality curriculum design for Islamic schools and adult education.
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